Frequently Asked Questions

Are liquid drain cleaners safe for pipes?

We do not recommend these types of products due to their corrosive properties. You want it to get rid of the clog but not eat away at the pipe and environment.

We’ve noticed our toilet running constantly is that the reason for our high water bill?

Yes, people often don’t realize a noisy toilet or dripping faucets can cause a very large increase in water usage. This is generally a quick and affordable fix.

Are all of your servicemen ticketed journeyman?

Yes, we currently only have ticketed journeymen working with our company but take great pride in training apprentices to be qualified journeymen. If we have an apprentice on the job they are always with a certified journeyman.

Do you do tankless hot water heaters and energy efficiency upgrades?

Yes, we can handle any plumbing heating or gas upgrade you desire.

Does it cost anything to have you quote our renovation?

No, we do not charge for quoting jobs. We’re happy to earn your business through our friendly and professional service.